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Get to know the girl behind the lens

Hello! My name is Michelle Tabrizi and I am a creative portrait photographer based in Marietta, GA. 

My journey in photography began at a young age, taking Polaroid photos of whatever caught my eye. I would watch hours of YouTube videos of photographers--wanting to do exactly what they were doing-- and would have impromptu photoshoots with my friends after school. Then, I stepped away from photography for a period... however, my love for it never went away.

I have spent the past five years rediscovering and rededicating myself to the art of photography. I feel so fortunate for every new connection, every person I get to create stunning images for, and for each and every memorable photography sessions I get to be a part of.

I am always eager to collaborate with individuals and brands--if you are looking for a creative, experienced photographer to bring your vision to life, I'd love to hear from you!

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3 unique photo shoot concepts designed to create beautiful photos and a fun, memorable photoshoot experience. I have wanted to offer concept shoots like this for so long because they are perfect for someone who has wanted a creative photoshoot but just needs an idea for a concept--but it's also great for models looking to build their portfolio. Please note that there is no modeling experience required--candid moments and posing guidance from me will make for stunning portraits, guaranteed. Available to book for June & July. $300/shoot.

Make-up also included by the incredibly talented @emmaprymua 

Fill out my contact form below with the concept you are interested in shooting and to learn more!

Let me capture your magical moment by booking a photoshoot with me! Here's how:

1. Contact/send inquiries via email, DM on Instagram, or fill out the contact form below.

2. Once we've discussed a time, place, date, etc. I will send you a link to my booking site.

3. Sign the session agreement and pay the deposit on the booking site.

4. Get ready for a magical photoshoot session!


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